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Horse Totems


The horse was introduced to this continent by the Spanish, transforming this continent by providing its inhabitants with a freedom of movement and travel no other animal could provide. They pulled wagons and provided a speedy form of travel for the Natives. Because of the horse these people were now able to travel great distances along with their belongings.

Pegasus, Centaur and Unicorn are forms horses have taken throughout mythology. These magical creatures can see the essence of a man's soul. Once wild horses were in the millions, currently there are only a few hundred herds left. They were pushed off the land by humans and hunted for domestication. Despite domestication, their strong love of freedom has kept their spirit alive.

Horse represents freedom and power. Horse people are wild spirits that cannot be broken. If Horse comes to you, look for safe passage into the new. We must synchronize our motives with that of others so we can quickly and steadily reach our goals.

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