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Elk are seldom seen alone, preferring to live in large herds. This does not mean they don't need some personal space. If they are cornered they will make full use of there magnificent antlers. They are known to fight aggressively with other elk for mating rights, and it is not uncommon for them to draw blood over this matter. Nevertheless, they can be unpredictably passive one moment and aggressive the next.

An elk's incredible stamina enables them to run for long periods of time, while their strong reflexes allow them quick response to anything in their path. They never graze at night, and if the herd is attacked they will bolt in every direction to confuse the predator.

Elk's regal demeanor reminds us that if we are confident, we can claim our Empowerment. It teaches us to maintain and protect ourselves by taking time out. Elk realizes it is important to remain closely connected with community, and be observant of subtle energies.

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