Cat Totem & Symbolism – The Spirit of Psychic Protection

Animal Totem is a special Animal Spirit that has chosen you to guide, and protect, for your whole life. It also represents your best, and worst qualities, who you are at your core. You can find who your Animal Totem is through meditation with the intent to know, and meet, your Animal Totem. You can also consult a psychic on this matter.

However, if you have meditated on it, but still have doubts, and you don’t want to consult a psychic, this article will shine light upon the qualities of the Cat Animal Totem. If you feel it resonates with you, and you share a lot of qualities with the Cat, there is a high possibility that Cat is your Animal Totem.

If Cat is your Animal Totem, it reveals your inner world, and your stamina. It guides, and protects you, but at the same time it reminds you that in difficult situations, it’s critical to adapt rapidly, see through duplicity, and act quickly. Because the Cat Totem is a symbol of cunning, you are skilled at playing your cards skillfully and getting the most out of any circumstance.

Other character traits of the Cat Totem are:

  • Patience
  • Protection
  • Adventure
  • Curiosity
  • Wittiness
  • Independence
  • Healing

In general, if you were born under the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius, Cat would be your spirit animal. Cat is associated with the air element.

How to know if Cat is your Animal Totem?

Your Animal Totem represents qualities, abilities, characteristics, that you currently have, or that you are in the process of developing. Therefore, you can realize that Cat is your Animal Totem because:

  • You resonate with almost all qualities of the Cat like being brave, and handling challenges well, being a good friend, guiding, and healing others.
  • You see Cates all the time, like photos, documentaries, videos, but not on your choice.
  • You just love Cates very much, they inspire you, and you can’t explain why.

If you are still confused, you can confirm if Cat is your Animal Totem through:

  • Meditation.

You will have to start your meditation with the intention that you will meet your Animal Totem. It may happen that during your meditation, you see the animal, or you smell something, or you hear something. If none of this happens, do not get discouraged, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

  • Your dreams, as well as by pure synchronicities.

For example, you may start seeing more Cates pictures. You may also feel curiosity peak up for Cates out of the blue. You should follow your intuition.

  • If you feel you have not received any answer, or you can’t figure out your Animal Totem, you can always ask a psychic.
  • Online quizzes that tell you which is your Animal Totem. Online quizzes will depict your character, and personality traits, therefore they are accurate at some degree.

Cat Animal Totem Symbolism

Various traditions, and religions, believe that each Animal Totem has the qualities of the animal it represents. This means that it feeds the same way (although in an energetic way), it moves the same way, it fights the same, and it behaves the same, as a Cat would do in the physical world. Therefore, the best way to know what qualities your Animal Totem has, or why it is present beside you, it is to look at how the animal behaves in this physical plane.

However, these traditions also believe that your Animal Totem can foretell your destiny, or share insight into your life mission.

Spirit Animal

As a Spirit Animal, Cat teaches you the art of thinking quickly on your feet while maintaining a firm perspective. This spirit animal urges us to be patient and vigilant, to plan our every action, and to always make the best option with self-assurance and a sense of adventure.

Native American Traditions

Cat symbolism is associated with the enigmatic and esoteric, independence, and the guardian of energy for Native Americans. Cats, on the other hand, had a witchcraft connotation for one tribe, the Oglala, who believed that these felines could cast curses on them.

They also connected this cat emblem to the south and the color red. For the Pawnee tribe, the Wildcat was linked to the stars, and their children were dressed with its fur for celestial favors.

Eastern Traditions

Source: Maneki-Neko Cat figurine allabout-japan

The Eastern Traditions see Eagles as sacred and powerful animals, and they often use eagle art in the feng shui tradition.

The Eastern Traditions have created a figurine called Maneki-Neko, which resembles a cat, and it is used to manifest good luck, depending on the color of the figure.

The white cat represents good fortune, whereas the black cat represents warding off evil.

The golden version of this Chinese cat spirit is associated with money and prosperity; the red version is associated with good health, while the yellow version is associated with better relationships.

If you’re looking for scholastic success, the green Maneki-Neko is the way to go; if you’re looking for beauty and longevity, the purple kitten is the way to go.

Celtic Mythology

In Celtic mythology, cats represent the gatekeeper of the Otherworld, a cat spirit who guarded its mysteries. For them, cats represent emotional remoteness, unpredictability, and mystery. As a result, the cat omen suggested that you pace yourself and discover the resources you need within the peace, as well as adjusting your habits, being creative, and compromising.

The black cat’s spiritual meaning was that of evil, thus they sacrificed them to keep the demonic force at bay.

Christian Religion

Cats are typically described as wild animals in the Bible. It describes the feline’s predatory instincts. This merciless and violent conduct characterizes the cat, particularly the black one, as a devilish monster that preys on the weak.

A demon could even live in a black cat’s body, possessing it along with its ancestors, according to its metaphysical connotation. The Luciferian spirit could communicate with humans through this feline’s formidable mind.

What your Animal Totem indicates about:

Source: Eugene O’Neill quote

Your personality

Cat Animal Totem indicates that you are someone who would be seen in a crowd and would stand out. You appreciate your alone time and are not lonely. You have your own ideas about what you want to do in the future. You don’t want to talk about your ideas, especially if they haven’t worked out in the past.

You have a high level of intelligence and insight. You are fast to make decisions and think on your feet. You may put off making a decision because you have time to consider it, or you may purposefully delay it until you have a gut feeling about it. However, if you need to make a decision right now, you can assess all of the options intellectually and emotionally, and make a decision in a matter of minutes. Because you constantly think things through, you are rarely wrong.

Cat Animal Totem has also given you the ability to overthink every possible circumstance and conclusion, ensuring that you are never caught off guard. People may disappoint you or bring you pain, but you are never startled since you have anticipated every conceivable move. This isn’t to say you don’t feel pain or aren’t compassionate. It doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart just because you make a swift comeback. No one can see the actual struggle between your head and heart.

Your life at the current moment 

An Animal Totem is the Spirit Animal that accompanies you since the day you were born, until the end. Therefore, if Cat is your Animal Totem, it doesn’t indicate much about life at your current moment, unless it starts showing up in your dreams.

The Spirit Animal that guides you through certain events in your life, is usually an Animal Guide that chooses to walk with you for a limited period of time, until you learn your lesson, or you overcome the problem. It may also choose you, to help you amplify certain qualities that you need for the next phase in your life.

If Cat is the Spiritual Animal that chooses to accompany you, it’s a reminder to put your faith in yourself rather than others. You may find yourself in a situation where you can only rely on yourself for assistance. Perhaps you’re surrounded by fake friends, or the ones who should be able to aid you are unable to. You must not wait for someone to provide you what you require or to come to your aid in a difficult situation. It’s up to you to be your own hero.

What does dreaming about your Animal Totem mean?

If you had a dream about cats, it could be a sign of betrayal and unfavorable events to come. If it is a white cat, you are too much in your head. If there is a black cat, you are losing control over your own fantasies.

If the black cat meows as well, it’s a sign that your buddies are chatting behind your back.

A dream involving cats in the house, could indicate that you are creating room in your home and heart for someone.

The symbolism of a dead cat refers to letting go of your emotions and paying attention to your deepest sentiments.

How do you handle your life based on your Animal Totem?


If you have the Cat Animal Totem, it may signal that you will have difficulty finding a companion. You might want to meet a lot of individuals and date a variety of people. For you, the romantic field is all games and fun. This does not imply that you enjoy breaking hearts, but rather that you enjoy having as many experiences as possible with the people you care about.

It may be difficult to find a partner that you truly value and who will encourage you to invest in the relationship and a future together. You know you shouldn’t let go once you’ve found this individual.

The perfect partner for you would be someone who understands your need for independence, as well as the fact that you have your own mind and don’t always prefer to listen to other people’s viewpoints. When you’ve made up your mind, your partner should not be upset by your refusal to listen to reason. They should also have a lot of faith in you during the process, because you only announce your projects once you’ve completed them.


Cat Totem indicates that you dislike working in groups or with others because you believe they stifle your productivity. When working on a project with others and being the one who does the most of the work, you may have encountered a variety of situations. If you have to collaborate with others, you take on the entire project on purpose since you dislike how others work. As a result, you thrive in circumstances where you are not required to work with others, or when each of your coworkers has separate responsibilities that do not interact with yours.

Being a lone figure would allow you to progress at your own pace. You don’t follow the throng; instead, you strike out on your own, swimming against the river if necessary. Your passion is your business or legacy, and you will be successful in whatever you set your mind to because you have the ability to adapt quickly and make wise decisions.

Regarding finances, Cat Totem is a favorable sign that you’ll be able to develop financial prosperity. It may take some time, but you should be able to manifest things rather soon. It may not be difficult for you to accumulate wealth; nevertheless, it may be more difficult for you to share that wealth or to collaborate with others when necessary.

Relationship with yourself

Cat Animal Totem reveals your inner struggles, as well as your true self, which you may hide from others. You’re incredibly proud of your inherent abilities, skills, and knowledge. You take pride in your ability to handle difficult situations, turn a poor situation around in your favor, and even influence people to reach your goals.

You may find it difficult to get along with others at times, and you may even feel obligated to contribute more than you already do. You have your own system for valuing individuals, and the majority of the time, others want more. You have the ability to entertain both small and larger conversations.

You treasure your alone time and will go to great lengths to safeguard it. Working alone, which may be frowned upon or regarded as anti-social, is your best option.

The problem is that you must adjust in social groupings and form connections. One person cannot do everything, and life is too short to learn everything or to enjoy every experience. That is why it is beneficial to collaborate with others because you may benefit from their experiences, expertise, and talents.

How to honour or connect with your Animal Totem?

Source: Black Cat Candle by TheMadamePhoenix

If you want to connect with your Cat Animal Totem, you can take a page from the book of the Native American Traditions. You don’t have to wear the skin of the Cat on you, but you can keep nice Cat sculptures at your work desk. You can have a beautiful artwork of the Cat printed at your blouse, or a paint of the Cat on your wall. You can also buy jewelry that has a Cat signature in it, like the head, or footprints.

You can use these objects to focus on during your meditation, in order to connect with Cat Animal Totem. During your meditation, you may want to call upon your Cat Animal Totem, and ask to be blessed with the qualities that you need at the moment.

Try to feel the specific quality amplifying in you. Act as being a Cat is your second nature. This is also how you honor your Spirit Guide, Cat Totem.

If you feel that you can’t visualize the Cat well, which is important for your meditation process to work, you can think about the qualities you want to embody, and try to feel those qualities growing in you. You have to embrace the Cat energy in all aspects of it: physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. It may also help to watch a movie with Cates.


You may find that during the course of your life, other Spirit Animals will choose to walk with you for a while, to guide you in different areas of your life. It is possible, that while you have Cat Animal Totem, you can also be guided by other Spirit Animals. However, you will notice that your core values, the same qualities you share with the Cat, won’t change. You will still be protective, adventurous, curious, aware of your physical world, as well as spiritual world.

Different Spirit Animals help you see other paths, that only those can help, and guide through. They also help you develop other qualities, because the purpose is for you to grow.

For example, if you will be accompanied by Black Panther Totem, which is there to help you develop your inner strength, your wisdom, and help you navigate the dark side of life. Cat Totem will always be there, even if you won’t always have other Spirit Animals.

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