Lizard Totem & Symbolism – The Spirit of Regeneration

Animal Totem is a special Animal Spirit that has chosen you to guide, and protect, for your whole life. It also represents your best, and worst qualities, who you are at your core. You can find who your Animal Totem is through meditation with the intent to know, and meet, your Animal Totem. You can also consult a psychic on this matter.

However, if you have meditated on it, but still have doubts, and you don’t want to consult a psychic, this article will shine light upon the qualities of the Lizard Animal Totem. If you feel it resonates with you, and you share a lot of qualities with the Lizard, there is a high possibility that Lizard is your Animal Totem.

If Lizard is your Animal Totem, it reveals your inner world, and your stamina. It guides, and protects you, but at the same time it reminds you the importance of going with the flow of life. Lizard Totem is the symbol of a fluid mindset, that adapts fast in every situation, and makes the best of it. You can help people adapt the same mindset, that will help them go with the flow, adapt quickly, and detach themselves from situations that don’t nourish them. Teaching others these qualities may be related to fulfilling your soul karma.

Other character traits of the Lizard Totem are:

  • Detachment
  • Ego driven
  • Adaptability
  • Going with the flow
  • Quickness
  • Fast recovery
  • Regeneration
  • Good reflexology

In general, if you were born under the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio, Lizard would be your spirit animal. Lizard is associated with the water element.

How to know if Lizard is your Animal Totem?

Your Animal Totem represents qualities, abilities, characteristics, that you currently have, or that you are in the process of developing. Therefore, you can realize that Lizard is your Animal Totem because:

  • You resonate with almost all qualities of the Lizard like being brave, and handling challenges well, being a good friend, guiding, and healing others.
  • You see Lizards all the time, like photos, documentaries, videos, but not on your choice.
  • You just love Lizards very much, they inspire you, and you can’t explain why.

If you are still confused, you can confirm if Lizard is your Animal Totem through:

  • Meditation.

You will have to start your meditation with the intention that you will meet your Animal Totem. It may happen that during your meditation, you see the animal, or you smell something, or you hear something. If none of this happens, do not get discouraged, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

  • Your dreams, as well as by pure synchronicities.

For example, you may start seeing more Lizards pictures. You may also feel curiosity peak up for Lizards out of the blue. You should follow your intuition.

  • If you feel you have not received any answer, or you can’t figure out your Animal Totem, you can always ask a psychic.
  • Online quizzes that tell you which is your Animal Totem. Online quizzes will depict your character, and personality traits, therefore they are accurate at some degree.

Lizard Animal Totem Symbolism

Various traditions, and religions, believe that each Animal Totem has the qualities of the animal it represents. This means that it feeds the same way (although in an energetic way), it moves the same way, it fights the same, and it behaves the same, as a Lizard would do in the physical world. Therefore, the best way to know what qualities your Animal Totem has, or why it is present beside you, it is to look at how the animal behaves in this physical plane.

However, these traditions also believe that your Animal Totem can foretell your destiny, or share insight into your life mission.

Spirit Animal

As a Spirit Animal, Lizard represents fast recovery, and adaptability.  You live your life in a higher vibration than most. While others are focused on the physical plane, and holding on things they have, you tend to go with the flow, and detach yourself from situations that do not serve you anymore. These qualities help you attract more meaningful connections, and energies in your life.

Native American Traditions

Source: Kelly Vierra

Native Americans used Lizards’ symbols on any object they would use, like pots, bowls, and even hieroglyphics. 

They believed that Lizards represented strength, because they have the ability to overcome great damages done to their bodies, grow their own body parts, and keep moving even if a limb is cut from their body.

They used Lizards for holistic healing, by placing one upon the patient’s body, and they believed it would heal the damaged body part.

Eastern Traditions

According to the Chinese Zodiac, you would have a Lizard Animal Totem, if you were born during the Year of the Snake.

The Eastern Traditions believe that Lizards are related to dragons. People used to pray to Lizards Deities for rain, in times of great drought. Lizards are also the symbol of love in Eastern Traditions, and they were used on love amulets, or potions, to make someone fall in love with the person carrying such magical item.

Celtic Mythology

The Celtic Traditions believe that Lizards are wise, strong, sleek, and fast to make moves. The Lizards are used in potion making, for different magical reasons, mostly related to foreseeing future events, or dream work. Some Celtic Traditions believe that Lizards are related to dragons, and they are seen as symbol of nobility, and wealth.

Christian Religion

Christian Religions depict Lizards as subtle creatures that can survive even in the most hostile places, or the most difficult environments. They are found everywhere, from the mundane houses, to the king palaces. They are seen as wise creatures, who can adapt easily in any kind of environment, because of their strong instincts.

What your Animal Totem indicates about:

Your personality

Lizard Animal Totem indicates that you are someone who adapts easily in any type of environment. You possibly know many people, and you know how to navigate through each relationship, by getting the best of them. You usually tend to keep connections that will serve you sometime in the future. You are not quick to cut off toxic people, because you know how to keep them at a distance, and only take what serves you. However, once you are done with them, you are quick to adapt to a new routine, and create new connections.

Also, you are not someone to dwell on the past. You know that you are going to have many other experiences, that it doesn’t allow you time to even think about what happened some time ago.

Others value your strength to overcome obstacles, and heal your own heart. You are wise, and you believe that the only way to move forward, and grow, is breaking through all the blocks life puts in your path.

Your life at the current moment 

An Animal Totem is the Spirit Animal that accompanies you since the day you were born, until the end. Therefore, if Lizard is your Animal Totem, it doesn’t indicate much about life at your current moment, unless it starts showing up in your dreams.

The Spirit Animal that guides you through certain events in your life, is usually an Animal Guide that chooses to walk with you for a limited period of time, until you learn your lesson, or you overcome the problem. It may also choose you, to help you amplify certain qualities that you need for the next phase in your life.

If Lizard is the Spiritual Animal that chooses to accompany you, it is reminding you to heal the past, and start living in the present. What you have done in the past, or the hurt that you have experienced, is still lingering on to you today, and holding you back from achieving anything. You have to behave like the Lizard, cut the cords, heal, and grow stronger. If you were to go back to a situation in the past, you wouldn’t fit in anymore, so there is no reason for you to keep going back emotionally. You are only hurting yourself by continuing to hold on the past. Be brave enough to cast the memories away, and live in the present.

What does dreaming about your Animal Totem mean?

If you have a dream where a Lizard is present,it is a sign that you may have enemies, who are working on sabotaging you. These enemies may be people who you keep close, and listen to, but they are taking advantage of you, and making you question your own values.

It may also mean that you have to let go of certain people, or certain experiences, that no longer serve you. Whatever you are trying to hold on, or make it work, is holding you back, and keeping you from experiencing your life lessons.

If you kill a Lizard in your dreams, it may indicate that you will win over your enemies.

How do you handle your life based on your Animal Totem?


If you have the Lizard Animal Totem, it indicates that you like to build relationships that are easy, and flow easily. You don’t want to tell your partner what they should be doing to please you. you also don’t like to explain yourself that much, if you have to go somewhere, do something, or entertain certain people. You have your own strategy of going about life, and you have strong opinions about what you want at the moment. A partner should support you on every step of the way, not question your judgement. Even though your expectations are not realistic for a real relationship, you are always looking for that one person that will magically understand all your struggles.

This means that you will either have many relationships, that are short-lived, or you will wait for the one that will eventually turn into a big commitment.

The perfect partner for you would be someone who goes through life the same way you do, because only then would they understand you. Your partner figures out intuitively what you’d like at the moment, and just gives to you everything. If you want to make it work, you should also give back, not through words, but through gestures, and keeping your promises. Even the promises that look small, like being on time for a date, would make a lot of difference.


Lizard Totem indicates that you love jobs that pay well. Who doesn’t right? However, if most people would easily settle for any job that pays decent, you thrive for a job that will pay well from the start. You also love to work your way to success, by climbing the stairs one by one, and your goal is to attain a high position at your job that you are in, like CEO, CFF, etc.

You would be successful in your own business as well. If you have an idea, you have to start working on it. You can work the job, and build the business as a side hustle, until it grows enough to become your main hustle.

You may find yourself changing careers, if you don’t like the one you are in, or you may work different kind of jobs in your teen years, to support yourself.

Regarding finances, Lizard Totem is an indicator of wealth. You may be blessed living in wealthy family, or you will achieve wealth in a very young age. It rarely is the case of marrying into wealth, rather you build your wealth through your businesses, or you will inherit it, but still work to grow it.  

Relationship with yourself

Lizard Animal Totem reveals your inner struggles, as well as your true self, which you may hide from others. You are very protective of your own energy. This is a quality that serves you well, especially during these times when everyone is bombarded by millions of thoughts, and ideas, every day.

Sometimes, you struggle with protecting yourself, because you love to be around people, but you don’t know how to cut toxic people off. You entertain everyone, and sometimes you are eager to know everything about some people, who you should let go off, not keep around at the expense of your own energy.

If someone makes you feel a way you don’t like, you should accept it in yourself, and not interact that much with that person. You save your energy by not interacting with certain people, not by manipulating them for information, because you are curious, and trying to control your emotions later, because you got triggered.

How to honour or connect with your Animal Totem?

Source: ReTailForRescue

If you want to connect with your Lizard Animal Totem, you can take a page from the book of the Native American Traditions. You don’t have to wear the skin of the Lizard on you, but you can keep nice Lizard sculptures at your work desk. You can have a beautiful artwork of the Lizard printed at your blouse, or a paint of the Lizard on your wall. You can also buy jewelry that has a Lizard signature in it, like the head, or footprints.

You can use these objects to focus on during your meditation, in order to connect with Lizard Animal Totem. During your meditation, you may want to call upon your Lizard Animal Totem, and ask to be blessed with the qualities that you need at the moment.

Try to feel the specific quality amplifying in you. Act as being a Lizard is your second nature. This is also how you honor your Spirit Guide, Lizard Totem.

If you feel that you can’t visualize the Lizard well, which is important for your meditation process to work, you can think about the qualities you want to embody, and try to feel those qualities growing in you. You have to embrace the Lizard energy in all aspects of it: physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. It may also help to watch a movie with Lizards.


You may find that during the course of your life, other Spirit Animals will choose to walk with you for a while, to guide you in different areas of your life. It is possible, that while you have Lizard Animal Totem, you can also be guided by other Spirit Animals. However, you will notice that your core values, the same qualities you share with the Lizard, won’t change. You will still be wise, make moves fast, easily adapt, and protective over your own energy.   

Different Spirit Animals help you see other paths, that only those can help, and guide through. They also help you develop other qualities, because the purpose is for you to grow.

For example, if you will be accompanied by Black Panther Totem, which is there to help you develop your inner strength, your wisdom, and help you navigate the dark side of life. Lizard Totem will always be there, even if you won’t always have other Spirit Animals.

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