Frog Totem & Symbolism – The Spirit of Survival

Animal Totem is a special Animal Spirit that has chosen you to guide, and protect, for your whole life. It also represents your best, and worst qualities, who you are at your core. You can find who your Animal Totem is through meditation with the intent to know, and meet, your Animal Totem. You can also consult a psychic on this matter.

However, if you have meditated on it, but still have doubts, and you don’t want to consult a psychic, this article will shine light upon the qualities of the Frog Animal Totem. If you feel it resonates with you, and you share a lot of qualities with the Frog, there is a high possibility that Frog is your Animal Totem.

If Frog is your Animal Totem, it reveals your inner world, and your stamina. It guides, and protects you, but at the same time it reminds you the significance of moving at your own speed, as well as the courage to believe in your own dreams. The frog totem represents perseverance and keeping grounded. You may be a firm believer in yourself and aren’t easily moved. You have a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to use them to succeed in life. It’s possible that passing on these attributes to others is linked to completing your soul karma.

Other character traits of the Frog Totem are:

  • Emotional strength
  • Moving at your own pace
  • Being grounded
  • Persistence
  • Understanding
  • Ancient wisdom
  • Determination
  • Patience

In general, if you were born under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, Frog would be your spirit animal. Frog is associated with the water element.

How to know if a Frog is your Animal Totem?

Your Animal Totem represents qualities, abilities, characteristics, that you currently have, or that you are in the process of developing. Therefore, you can realize that Frog is your Animal Totem because:

  1. You resonate with almost all qualities of the Frog like being brave, and handling challenges well, being a good friend, guiding, and healing others.
  2. You see Frogs all the time, like photos, documentaries, videos, but not on your choice.
  3. You just love Frogs very much, they inspire you, and you can’t explain why.

If you are still confused, you can confirm if Frog is your Animal Totem through:

  • Meditation.

You will have to start your meditation with the intention that you will meet your Animal Totem. It may happen that during your meditation, you see the animal, or you smell something, or you hear something. If none of this happens, do not get discouraged, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

  • Your dreams, as well as by pure synchronicities.

For example, you may start seeing more Frogs pictures. You may also feel curiosity peak up for Frogs out of the blue. You should follow your intuition.

  • If you feel you have not received any answer, or you can’t figure out your Animal Totem, you can always ask a psychic.
  • Online quizzes that tell you which is your Animal Totem. Online quizzes will depict your character, and personality traits, therefore they are accurate at some degree.

Frog Animal Totem Symbolism

Various traditions, and religions, believe that each Animal Totem has the qualities of the animal it represents. This means that it feeds the same way (although in an energetic way), it moves the same way, it fights the same, and it behaves the same, as a Frog would do in the physical world. Therefore, the best way to know what qualities your Animal Totem has, or why it is present beside you, it is to look at how the animal behaves in this physical plane.

However, these traditions also believe that your Animal Totem can foretell your destiny, or share insight into your life mission.

Spirit Animal

People who aren’t taking care of themselves properly are often visited by the Frog spirit. This can sometimes be linked to things like diet, exercise, and way of life. In other situations, it may be a partnership in which you’re putting in too much effort for too little reward. It’s time for a shift in both situations. Take a step back and explore new perspectives and ideas. You’re about to turn into something different and beautiful, just like the tadpole.

Native American Traditions

Frogs have a number of meanings for Native Americans, both positive and negative, depending on the tribe.

The frog spirit animal has healing abilities and can summon rain in some tribes, but the frog creature is a negative symbol of sickness and misfortune in others. This animal is regarded as a symbol of springtime changes and development, as well as regeneration.

The frog mythology of Southern California tells of this animal assassinating their God Creator by evil sorcery. Some tribes use it as a clan animal or a totem pole for frogs, and others have produced traditional dances for it.

Eastern Traditions

Source: Chinese Money Frog, by TheSpruce

The Money Frog is a Feng Shui lucky charm that is portrayed by a frog with red eyes carrying a coin in its mouth and is a sign of wealth in Chinese culture.

It’s a mythical creature that appears at successful shops during the full Moon. Tree frog symbolism in Japan depicts these creatures weeping as rain approaches, and they are also revered as deities of the phenomenon.

Celtic Mythology

This animal was regarded as a god over all of Earth, with the ability to heal. The frog has the significance of a water creature because it comes back to die in its birthplace, which is underwater.  Since frogs were perceived underworld animals and then used as ingredients in spells, the Irish claimed the mystical value of the frog was sorcery.

Christian Religion

The Frog symbol appears in the Bible only twice, both times as a negative sign. The first spiritual sense of frogs appears in the Exodus as a plague. The meaning of frogs in this case is that they were offered to the Egyptians as a symbol and evidence of God’s presence by “raining toads” that flooded the streets and buildings.

When the Egyptian emperor asks Moises to end the plague, God destroys them all, the dead frog symbolism is present. The worlds were engulfed in stench and filth after the corpses were collected.

What your Animal Totem indicates about:

Source: Mehmet Murat Hdan quote

Your personality

You have a good idea of what you’d like and don’t easily give up, according to the Frog Animal Totem. For as long as you can hold onto people, circumstances, dreams, company, and feelings, you don’t give up. They may not always act in your best interests, but they will always show you what you need to learn in advance.

You’re also a patient and determined person. These are abilities that cannot be learned, and you are fortunate to be born with them. You can be too cooperative with people or in cases that you shouldn’t be, yet it works out in your favor.

Even when something isn’t working out, your self-esteem is normally high, and you don’t easily question your course. In the end, it’s the perseverance that pays off. You may discover that you are on a challenging road, at least when compared to those who have a life that is similar to yours. You, on the other hand, keep going while others would give up in the face of trouble. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you see them as a source of inspiration.

Your life at the current moment 

An Animal Totem is the Spirit Animal that accompanies you since the day you were born, until the end. Therefore, if Frog is your Animal Totem, it doesn’t indicate much about life at your current moment, unless it starts showing up in your dreams.

The Spirit Animal that guides you through certain events in your life, is usually an Animal Guide that chooses to walk with you for a limited period of time, until you learn your lesson, or you overcome the problem. It may also choose you, to help you amplify certain qualities that you need for the next phase in your life.

If Frog is the Spiritual Animal that chooses to accompany you, it is reminding you to assess the most critical aspects of your life. You may be suffering from the “shiny object syndrome,” in which you fall for items that seem appealing on the surface, or you may have a lot of ideas but never put them into action. The Frog Spirit is assisting you in walking your own course, unconcerned with what others think or feel. It also encourages you to believe in yourself and that if you are given a dream, you have all the skills necessary to make it a reality. What other people think is irrelevant.

What does dreaming about your Animal Totem mean?

If you have a dream where a Frog is present, it is usually a sign of spiritual transformation or the picture of a kindhearted person with unattractive appearance if you often dream about them.

If you dream of black frogs, it reflects your aversion to doing something.

Unrequited love is represented by the white frog. Your love interest actually just sees you as a friend.

People who gossip and try to hurt you are represented by the frog in the house, in a dream.

How do you handle your life based on your Animal Totem?


If you have the Frog Animal Totem, it indicates that you put your heart and soul into your relationships, even though you take things slowly. You’re not the kind to fall in love at first sight or move in with someone you’ve never met. You may be intrigued by how some people marry after only knowing each other for a few months, and you believe that somebody might intuitively know once they have met their spouse or partner, even though they have just met them. You, on the other hand, choose not to treat a committed partnership in the same way.

You enjoy savoring each moment and stage of your relationship. You like to get to know the other person, share different experiences with them, laugh with them, and cry with them. You may then consider being more committed, enlisting the help of your family, and finally taking all the necessary steps toward serious commitment, whatever that may entail for you. For others, marriage is the goal, for some, living together is the goal, and so on. After that, you should think about having children. You value children and take some time to get to know the person with whom you will share them.

The perfect partner for you would be someone who is emotionally accessible, trustworthy, respectful, and dependable. It is important that you communicate effectively with your partner, create a comfortable environment for both of you, and enjoy each other. You also guard your personal space and resources. A partner should lift you up rather than put you under undue strain. Since you are more interested in the journey than the destination, you are less likely to set commitment standards, particularly when you are just getting to know someone.


Frog Totem indicates that in the business world, you are polite and diligent. You don’t have a particular preference for jobs as long as their pay corresponds to your responsibilities and the work you do is relevant to your field. You might even settle for a job that provides you with ample protection and space for advancement. It can be difficult to find a good job at first. The majority of opportunities will either give you less than you feel you deserve, or you will be rejected. Your diligence, on the other hand, will be rewarded. All you have to do now is keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

You know when to hold your ground and when to let it go in the workplace. You don’t like confrontations, but you won’t stand for disrespect. If you want to work at your own speed, this could be a problem if you work directly for your employer or for someone else. They almost definitely have their own agenda and approach to the job, so if you don’t share their attitude, you will find it difficult to enjoy your work. You must strike a balance between your own speed and your boss’s pace in order to get the best of both worlds. You can use your own insight and learn from your experiences, but you can also benefit from your boss.

You’d do better in the business world if you could learn to adapt quickly as things change. When you first start your company and money isn’t flowing, your perseverance and patience will pay off handsomely. Most people give up at this point and return to their old 9-5 careers. When the company begins to expand, you can expand as well.

Regarding finances, Frog Totem indicates a favorable financial situation. You will begin slowly, but you will eventually establish a reputation. You must strike a balance between your needs, interests, and potential goals. If you have trouble saving money, find ways to make it difficult for you to use money for a long period of time (for example, engage in a deposit account that you won’t be able to access for 10-15 years).

Relationship with yourself

Frog Animal Totem reveals your inner struggles, as well as your true self, which you may hide from others. Even if you are careful and diligent, you may find that your patience is wearing thin. You will see small items begin to fall apart as a result of this. It’s your own pulse, or shifts in your own attitude, that fool you into believing you’re not progressing. You could also be inclined to make rash decisions that can do more harm than good because they are not well-considered. If you want a significant shift, take some time off, move to a new place, and relax.

Even though you are a determined person, you can find it difficult to stay on the same path at times. At this point, you can take a look at the road you’re on. Is it really worthwhile to keep going, or do you need to make any adjustments? You may want to seek advice from someone who has been through similar difficulties. Before making any changes, set a time limit for yourself. You might also take a chance and adapt.

Also, be cautious about how often you tolerate others because they can begin to take advantage of you, a behavior you have seen far too frequently. If you see two or more red flags, be sure to bring it up. Don’t let it go unnoticed, particularly if your personal boundaries are being pushed. After speaking with others, you should be compassionate with them if they demonstrate that they are making adjustments to avoid hurting you.

How to honour or connect with your Animal Totem?

Source: WowConfetti

If you want to connect with your Frog Animal Totem, you can take a page from the book of the Native American Traditions. You don’t have to wear the skin of the Frog on you, but you can keep nice Frog sculptures at your work desk. You can have a beautiful artwork of the Frog printed at your blouse, or a paint of the Frog on your wall. You can also buy jewelry that has a Frog signature in it, like the head, or footprints.

You can use these objects to focus on during your meditation, in order to connect with Frog Animal Totem. During your meditation, you may want to call upon your Frog Animal Totem, and ask to be blessed with the qualities that you need at the moment.

If you feel that you can’t visualize the Frog well, which is important for your meditation process to work, you can think about the qualities you want to embody, and try to feel those qualities growing in you. You have to embrace the Frog energy in all aspects of it: physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. It may also help to watch a movie with Frogs.

Try to feel the specific quality amplifying in you. Act as being a Frog is your second nature. This is also how you honor your Spirit Guide, Frog Totem.


You may find that during the course of your life, other Spirit Animals will choose to walk with you for a while, to guide you in different areas of your life. It is possible, that while you have Frog Animal Totem, you can also be guided by other Spirit Animals. However, you will notice that your core values, the same qualities you share with the Frog, won’t change. You will still be wise, patient, unbothered by others opinion, determined, and have high self-esteem.  

Different Spirit Animals help you see other paths, that only those can help, and guide through. They also help you develop other qualities, because the purpose is for you to grow.

For example, if you will be accompanied by Bear Totem, which is there to help you develop your inner power, your intelligence, and help you overcome obstacles by pure inner strength. Frog Totem will always be there, even if you won’t always have other Spirit Animals.

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