Squirrel Totem & Symbolism – The Spirit of Readiness

Animal Totem is a special Animal Spirit that has chosen you to guide, and protect, for your whole life. It also represents your best, and worst qualities, who you are at your core. You can find who your Animal Totem is through meditation with the intent to know, and meet, your Animal Totem. You can also consult a psychic on this matter.

However, if you have meditated on it, but still have doubts, and you don’t want to consult a psychic, this article will shine light upon the qualities of the Squirrel Animal Totem. If you feel it resonates with you, and you share a lot of qualities with the Squirrel, there is a high possibility that Squirrel is your Animal Totem.

If Squirrel is your Animal Totem, it reveals your inner world, and your stamina. It guides, and protects you, but at the same time it reminds you the importance of being prepared for what is to come. Squirrel Spirit plots, deploys tactics, formulates strategies, and is prepared to face any challenge. Despite being frantic, fast, and rushed, it is also upbeat, playful, and joyful. Negativity is not tolerated. It concentrates its thoughts on abundance and preparedness.

Other character traits of the Squirrel Totem are:

  • Abundant
  • Swift 
  • Clever
  • Fertile
  • Creative
  • Spontaneity
  • Being prepared for anything

In general, if you were born under the Zodiac Sign of Taurus, Squirrel would be your spirit animal. Squirrel is associated with the fire element.

How to know if a Squirrel is your Animal Totem?

Your Animal Totem represents qualities, abilities, characteristics, that you currently have, or that you are in the process of developing. Therefore, you can realize that Squirrel is your Animal Totem because:

  1. You resonate with almost all qualities of the Squirrel like being brave, and handling challenges well, being a good friend, guiding, and healing others.
  2. You see Squirrels all the time, like photos, documentaries, videos, but not on your choice.
  3. You just love Squirrels very much, they inspire you, and you can’t explain why.

If you are still confused, you can confirm if Squirrel is your Animal Totem through:

  • Meditation.

You will have to start your meditation with the intention that you will meet your Animal Totem. It may happen that during your meditation, you see the animal, or you smell something, or you hear something. If none of this happens, do not get discouraged, sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

  • Your dreams, as well as by pure synchronicities.

For example, you may start seeing more Squirrels pictures. You may also feel curiosity peak up for Squirrels out of the blue. You should follow your intuition.

  • If you feel you have not received any answer, or you can’t figure out your Animal Totem, you can always ask a psychic.
  • Online quizzes that tell you which is your Animal Totem. Online quizzes will depict your character, and personality traits, therefore they are accurate at some degree.

Squirrel Animal Totem Symbolism

Various traditions, and religions, believe that each Animal Totem has the qualities of the animal it represents. This means that it feeds the same way (although in an energetic way), it moves the same way, it fights the same, and it behaves the same, as a Squirrel would do in the physical world. Therefore, the best way to know what qualities your Animal Totem has, or why it is present beside you, it is to look at how the animal behaves in this physical plane.

However, these traditions also believe that your Animal Totem can foretell your destiny, or share insight into your life mission.

Spirit Animal

Squirrel is a Spirit Animal that reflects wealth, wit, and spontaneity. It also suggests that your sacral chakra, which is linked to your sexuality, love, imagination, and fertility, is in good shape. Since it is often portrayed as a lucky creature, various cultures assume that bringing the sign of a squirrel foot with you might bring you prosperity and wealth.

Native American Traditions

Squirrels reflect a storehouse of energy in Native American symbolism. It is constantly gathering and constructing shops, implying that it is planning for the future. It also hides its food in various locations, which the Natives interpreted as a sign of better preparedness and stockpiling in various areas for a safer and happier future.

The squirrel was regarded by Native Americans as a symbol of readiness and activity. Squirrels are sociable, but odd squirrels do not get along with them. They bury their nuts in the dirt, and even if they forget where they put them, their keen sense of smell will help them locate them later.

Eastern Traditions

Source: WitteMolen

The squirrel is known in Eastern Traditions symbolism as the “tree rodent,” and therefore has the same significance. The rat is portrayed as a cunning creature who knows how to get ahead of the pack. Their constant operation is linked to business transactions and frugal behavior, and as a result, it is linked to the concept of income.

Celtic Mythology

The squirrel is closely associated with the war Goddess Queen Medb in Celtic mythology. A bird and a squirrel – messengers of the earth and sky – are portrayed on her shoulder. Other animal totems used by Medb include the crow, raven, and blackbird.

Both of these are involved in the transmission of ocular messages between worlds. Similarly, the squirrel transports messages from one planet to the next. The squirrel is also known as Medb’s guard because it is associated with noisy chattering as well as other noises when threats are nearby.

Christian Religion

Working hard and saving for the future is the spiritual sense of squirrel. While the Bible makes no mention of the squirrel, it does contain clear teaching about good hard work.

A squirrel shows us a great deal of wisdom, which is very similar to what we read in the Bible. We can learn from a squirrel about preparedness, hard work, confidence, compassion, and dedication.

What your Animal Totem indicates about:

Source: OrganizedLifeandMind

Your personality

You’re most likely a prepper or a survivor planning for the end of the world. When peace ends or the dark days arrive, squirrel totem animal people can create bunkers or have a hide out place where they can escape.

In the winter, people who have squirrels as their influence animals can choose to sleep more. They enjoy working, playing, and being busy during the spring, summer, and early fall months when they have more resources.

You are also a playful person who wants to have a good time with their pals. People who have squirrels as their power animal are also outgoing. They have the potential to be excellent writers, news editors, and media personalities.

A highly social nature is often represented by the spirit animal squirrel. You are organized, enjoy your routine, and are always rushing about juggling various tasks. You do, nevertheless, find time to socialize, have fun, dance, and make new friends. You have advanced communication skills, are excellent at speaking, expressing, and verbalizing, and can recognize patterns. You’re a smart investor who knows where the big money is. Your analysis abilities are also outstanding. As a result, you could work as a journalist, editor, blogger, or even writer.

Your life at the current moment 

An Animal Totem is the Spirit Animal that accompanies you since the day you were born, until the end. Therefore, if Squirrel is your Animal Totem, it doesn’t indicate much about life at your current moment, unless it starts showing up in your dreams.

The Spirit Animal that guides you through certain events in your life, is usually an Animal Guide that chooses to walk with you for a limited period of time, until you learn your lesson, or you overcome the problem. It may also choose you, to help you amplify certain qualities that you need for the next phase in your life.

If Squirrel is the Spiritual Animal that chooses to accompany you, it is reminding you to maintain a mentality of abundance. You may have a tendency to dwell on negative thoughts for longer than necessary. Negative thought, on the other hand, manifests lack and keeps you in the same position. As a result, Squirrel Spirit helps you to think in terms of wealth and abundance. You will be able to see the possibilities that you previously overlooked, as well as the blessings that you already possess, and your problems will feel lighter as a result. With a good outlook, there is nothing you can’t overcome.

What does dreaming about your Animal Totem mean?

If you have a dream where a Squirrel is present,represents lightness, shallow concern, or trivial concern. It can also be interpreted as a flirtatious gesture. When you dream of a squirrel, it means you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and sacrifice, but you’ll be rewarded in the end. It also means fully surrendering and focusing on the mission at hand. It entails continuing to do what you’re doing while remaining optimistic.

Dreaming of seeing a squirrel feed, symbolizes domestic pleasures.

Dreaming of catching a squirrel, is a sign of impending danger.

A squirrel chasing other squirrels, or climbing up and down a tree, indicates that you must spend in the present, prepare for the future, and set aside money for a rainy day.

Killing a squirrel in a dream, indicates that you are unfriendly and hated.

How do you handle your life based on your Animal Totem?


If you have the Squirrel Animal Totem, it indicates that you may be more in love with the concept of love than with the individual. You place a high priority on family and want to start your own family as soon as possible. This attitude can lead to you being thrown into the arms of people who don’t know how to handle you well or who will cause you a lot of pain. You, on the other hand, should not hold back when it comes to seeking true love and the one person who will commit to you. Since you don’t set limits, you sometimes daydream about a future with people you’ve only met once, and you lose yourself in relationships.

You’re so focused on starting a family, and it can become toxic at times. You have a tendency to engage in unhealthy partnerships or partners that do not provide you with what you want. After you’ve broken up, you can only come to terms with recognizing the toxicity of a relationship. You were able to give everything you had up until that point in order to start a family.

The perfect partner for you would be someone who admires, cares for, and enjoys your eccentricities. Your partner is someone who can make an investment in you and help you lay the groundwork for a family. Your companion should be compassionate and not take you for granted.


Squirrel Totem indicates that you may accept jobs that only seem to meet your material needs. You’re not the kind of person who wants to try out new opportunities or side hustles. You’d rather work somewhere where you can put your skills to use, get paid well, and call it a day. Even if you want to broaden your expertise in other areas, you aren’t focused on monetizing what you study.

You like to keep things straightforward and safe. You do not care for investment strategies, and even if you do, you will abandon them quickly because the fear of losing money will keep you in a safe zone. This mentality does not suit the business world or entrepreneurship, so rather than starting your own business, you can get a job and try to advance from there.

Regarding finances, Squirrel Totem is a reliable indicator of financial performance. As the spirit of success and abundance, it foreshadows that you will become extremely wealthy at some stage in your life, either through your own hard work or through marriage into a wealthy family. You are not really a gold digger, and material stuff isn’t the most essential thing to you, but it is your fate to be wealthy.

Relationship with yourself

Squirrel Animal Totem reveals your inner struggles, as well as your true self, which you may hide from others. Squirrels are totem animals that ask you to plan for the future. It encourages you to concentrate on saving money. It symbolizes the idea that work ethic is always valued and that being lazy will not get you anywhere in life.

When we suggest that squirrels represent abundance, we don’t just mean material wealth; we also mean a wealth of good friendships, caring relationships, protection and warmth, opportunities, etc. It also refers to having food on the table when it’s cold outside, as well as warmth and calm amid the cold and darkness.

Keep trying, even if it seems pointless, illusionary, or like you’re wasting your time. Don’t be a procrastinator. Keep at it, and you’ll soon be rewarded with quiet, comfort, and delicious food.

How to honour or connect with your Animal Totem?

Source: ASLPewterFoundry

If you want to connect with your Squirrel Animal Totem, you can take a page from the book of the Native American Traditions. You don’t have to wear the skin of the Squirrel on you, but you can keep nice Squirrel sculptures at your work desk. You can have a beautiful artwork of the Squirrel printed at your blouse, or a paint of the Squirrel on your wall. You can also buy jewelry that has a Squirrel signature in it, like the head, or footprints.

You can use these objects to focus on during your meditation, in order to connect with Squirrel Animal Totem. During your meditation, you may want to call upon your Squirrel Animal Totem, and ask to be blessed with the qualities that you need at the moment.

Try to feel the specific quality amplifying in you. Act as being a Squirrel is your second nature. This is also how you honor your Spirit Guide, Squirrel Totem.

If you feel that you can’t visualize the Squirrel well, which is important for your meditation process to work, you can think about the qualities you want to embody, and try to feel those qualities growing in you. You have to embrace the Squirrel energy in all aspects of it: physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. It may also help to watch a movie with Squirrels.


You may find that during the course of your life, other Spirit Animals will choose to walk with you for a while, to guide you in different areas of your life. It is possible, that while you have Squirrel Animal Totem, you can also be guided by other Spirit Animals. However, you will notice that your core values, the same qualities you share with the Squirrel, won’t change. You will still be witty, social butterfly, creative, and wealthy.  

Different Spirit Animals help you see other paths, that only those can help, and guide through. They also help you develop other qualities, because the purpose is for you to grow.

For example, if you will be accompanied by Black Panther Totem, which is there to help you develop your inner strength, your wisdom, and help you navigate the dark side of life. Squirrel Totem will always be there, even if you won’t always have other Spirit Animals.

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